Spigot server performance enhancements.

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    Server performance with Spigot.yml:
    What is preferred for the best setup for the spigot.yml regarding performance with spigot?
    Mob tracking ranges?
    Hopper Checks?

    The reason i ask is sometimes i tend to get minor issues involving something minor that i feel like i can improve on my servers. I've upped hopper checks, and tried reducing entity tracking ranges and some other things to test. However, what do you guys think is the best? Hopefully, this will help me resolve some issues i have and tweak my servers to a better performance.
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    It's all depending on your setup imo, theres no "one config fits all", and it is always best to customise things to your needs.

    Analyse your timings, see what's taking up CPU time and if your TPS is dropping, edit to follow suit.

    Full server tick causing issues? Drop the crop modifiers a bit.

    Entity tick an issue? Drop their activation ranges and maybe their spawning range.

    TileEntityHopper issues? Increase the transfer time (Check time was removing in a build the other day.)

    It really comes down to what you need, if you want to give your server a bit of a boost, drop some numbers, if you want to give a closer feeling to vanilla, increase some of the mobspawns It's just playing with numbers till you find what's best for you.
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    Thanks. :)
  6. Where do I config those?
  7. Don't necro a thread. Make a new thread with your server details and issues.
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