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  1. saphiria


    Every owner, developer, administrator, moderator, or Spigoteer deserves a break.
    I thing that we should create an official spigot server... I know this has been requested before in the past and present, but I'm going to put all ideas in one.

    Is there an official Spigot server? - By: @ArchyMarchy
    Official Spigot Minecraft Server - By: @eNkrypt
    Spigot should create a server. - By: @CreeperSwagg34
    Spigot Server - By: @SaphiriaMC :p

    Ideas For Server:
    I feel we should do something like this @jflory7... Where maybe every Friday, or Saturday we could have a game day on it.. Everyone should take a break and have fun.

    - We could give developers to put there plugin on server for players to test... (Free option? Or maybe make it purchasable [only premium resources need it so there profits could go towards that, or make it free] All of those purchases go towards the server?)

    - We could report bugs on recent spigot builds...

    Now I'm sure the one thing going through your mind is who will pay for this? That is the top thing said in the threads i linked above. The answer is simple, nobody. I guarantee your at least one server host will sponsor Spigot. Md_5 has enough things he's paying for already. The Mods don't have time to moderate server. They don't need to. It will only have us server owners, we know how to behave. If you feel its necessary to have mods, you can always get server mods...


    People i have seen liking this idea

    Obviously many more due to the amount of votes in poll...

    If you don't agree and are on here ill remove you ask below! Ill also add you ask below!

    Final Notes:

    I know some of you will say, "Were server owners, admins, and developers we don't have time. I understand that, but just one day out of the week, you don't need to participate everyday. Just take a break, a vacation. It helps a lot if your server is stressful to you.

    @md_5 Link doesn't work for me...

    Ill be more adding ideas, just wanted to get this out there as soon as possible.

    Thanks for reading!


    ~ Saphiria
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  2. saphiria


  3. Nice post! Great idea too throw in the other people who asked!
  4. connor12568


    I like this idea, this would be pretty cool. Though, I doubt this would happen as it's just too much work for everyone.

    Edit: Free free to add me to that list! :)
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  5. saphiria


    Did you even read it?

    Thanks, also i see your point...
  6. I think its 100% possible, since spigot is stacked up on staff, maybe the wiki team could handle the server, or create another staff section to manage the server!
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  7. connor12568


    That'd be cool, and they'd get their own tag on the forums or something? Though, that still brings the question.. Who is going to manage all of this and take care of everything? I'm pretty sure all the team members at the moment are very busy including md_5, etc. They probably don't have the time to create such a thing.
  8. They would get a tag in like light green saying "Server Manager" has the forum permissions of the wiki staff and such, md_5 and the rest of the staff has handled a lot, this shouldn't be too hard
  9. saphiria


    Thats why it would
    1. Be hosted for free.
    2. Be maybe managed by a different person.
    Also i added you to thread.. :)

    Good idea...


    Do y'all have ideas for what could be done on server?
  10. connor12568


    Yes, but then there's promoting people, applications and such. Trust, server issues. I mean the list can do on and on, I think it'd just add more stress to people that are already probably stressed as it is. XD
  11. "Thanks to Intreppid, major sponsors and proud hosts of SpigotMC" bottom of website, maybe Intreppid could set something up
    Also for the ideas, Minigames wouldnt be a bad idea considering the reg. spigot staff wouldnt have too deal with managing it because of the server management, maybe a survival server?
  12. saphiria


    Pick people with a reputation on Spigot, and it wouldn't be to stressful to pick someone. You don't ask them to apply, you just PM them and say, "Want to manage the Official SpigotMC Server?"
  13. connor12568


    Uh, who exactly? It has to be someone trusted and the only people that are trusted are on the team, and I don't think any of them would be willing to do this, would they?
  14. It takes 30 mins too type up a google doc... there would be one person who oversees the entire management, so maybe pull a wiki member? For trust, yes that is a big thing but there are a lot of people who <3 spigot and wouldn't want to sabotage it.. maybe they could do something like college professors who look you up before they accept you into their school, they could type in your IGN and find everything about you?
  15. saphiria


    Well, they all have servers... I mean pick someone with a reputation on Spigot without a server, or willing to take on two tasks.. I think @jflory7 if he has time (has own server) would be a great manager! But thats not my dissection to make...
  16. This was discussed previously to have certain select plugins. Via @jflory7 on the Spigot Game Night.

    But there can be flaws.. Like what do people want? o_O
  17. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Pretty much every server these days revolves around either minigames, or factions/prisons.
    A lot of these things require a substantial playerbase of > 50 online.

    Given a server that probably averages 5-10 players at any given time, what are you guys planning to do?
  18. saphiria


    I was thinking more for plugins... Like plugin developers could allow players to test premium plugins... But i mean for a game night i thought minigames, survival, Contests, etc... Just something to do with the community, I've never done anything with them before. But i mean a big aspect would be plugins. You could also put your newest builds on there, and have us find bugs..

    Also do you know why this doesn't work?

    Thanks for reading!

    Saphiria :)

    What do you mean?

    EDIT: Sorry for double post...
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  19. I think this server needs to be player based, as @SaphiriaMC said about letting players test their plugins, I think it should be like P.O.M(Plugin of the month) the plugin most bought can be loaded up on the server for one months time, I personally would like to see just a friendly survival server
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  20. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Its a joke document
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