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Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by _CIL, Jun 19, 2015.

  1. Hello, Im looking for a good spigot build 1.8 , they shows your head on tab and show's your skin and works with Holographic display's bukkit plugin,

    Thank,s _CIL
  2. Any build over 1.8 dose that lol. Do you not know how to make the build?
  3. i mean i need a build to use.....
  4. When i click the download button it sends me to this page and says:
    SSL connection error

  5. Report this bug to md_5.
  6. Do i need a client or something to download gitbash...?
  7. No spigotmc just move HTTPS/SSL and they any bugs you find report it.
  8. I would try again here: spigotmc.org/wiki/BuildTools I would imagine the bug was just a one time error or if it still happens try using a different browser such as Google Chrome.
  9. Im using google not anything else...
  10. did u try bing
  11. Like go google and search bing and search on bing?
  12. For gitbash i already have build tools
  13. FINALLY! It worked!