Suggestion Spigot should alert users when they are using an outdated version

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    A lot of the time I see users on these forums who use versions that are over 100 behind the current version.
    If a feature was implemented into Spigot to alert OPs (if you don't use op you will probably have the all the bukkit permissions granted) that there was an update for their version available.

    I'm not talking about saying, you are on 1.9.2, please update to 1.9.4 etc. I mean like 'Your version of 1.8.8 is 128 versions behind the current release, please consider updating it.'

    Just my 2cents.
  2. Keep in mind however that the majority f server hosting companies have auto updates for spigot jar files so when next release comes out, it will be updated on server restart.
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    Oh yeah. Maybe have the feature toggable??
  4. When you fresh install 1.8.8 and you use /version you are already 248 versions behind. You are running the latest version for 1.8.8, but not the latest Spigot version which is, or shortly will be, 1.9.4.

    It would be nice if /version told you what the latest for your build is.
  5. The /version command will do this for you. If you really wanted to alert ops you could make it automatically run for them when they log in using a join command plugin.
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    Part of running a server is being aware of how dated your software is & keeping track of new releases. If an individual needs an auto-notifier beyond the startup logs, perhaps server administration isn't for that individual

    Zero support should be given to folks who don't understand the fundamentals and CBA to read the docs. Bad habits are promoted otherwise. But that's a whole other can of worms
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    That would be a pretty simple plugin.