Spigot Spigot-systemd 1.0.0

Better integration of spigot with systemd

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    Spigot-systemd - Better integration of spigot with systemd

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  3. Fahrenheit451


    Will this work with 1.13 spigot? I am looking to stop running a good number of our servers and have them startup on-demand instead. All but two are 1.13.2.
  4. Apologies, I was somehow not notified of this post.

    I have not tested it myself yet (still have to upgrade to 1.13), but the plugin is very simple, so it might just work with 1.13. I had a quick look at the changelog for 1.13, and it also doesn't look like the APIs regarding server events were changed.

    You could just try it out on the new version, it will probably just work or not work at all (but not do anything in-between). Of course, once I do the upgrade to 1.13 myself I will update the description of this plugin.
  5. Hi, I've got a line in my logs about this plugin not declaring an API version but nowhere to report it - the GitLab instance that hosts the source code does not allow registration. Would it be possible to figure out a way to have an actual bug tracker, or if not, just document were bugs should be filed (e.g. here or something)?
  6. are you still alive