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    Im terribly sorry if im posting this in the wrong thread. I am not just recently looking into Spigot because of my increasing player base. It looks like a truly nice thing. I was looking for tutorials on youtube and google, still couldnt find any. I also checked on this website, either there are none, or im just blind xD. Anyway can someone direct me to a very thorough tutorial on spigot?
  2. Tutorial?
    Are you looking for an explanation of the bukkit.yml?
    Cause the installation is very straight forward.
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    Official Spigot Tutorial
    1. Download Spigot
    2. Replace craftbukkit.jar with the Spigot you downloaded
    3. ....
    4. Profit!!!
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    I know how to install spigot. I'm just looking for a list of features and an explanation of the bukkit.yml. Also any other new things spigot brings.
  5. I laughed at this at first... but now I kind of want to see some more detailed documentation on bukkit.yml and a general description of the Spigot-specific changes too...
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    Exactly before I switch my server to a more potentially dangerous custom bukkit I want to see what it offers. I just want to know everything about it.

    Sorry for my fail typing, I'm on my phone.
  7. Ark


    [WIP] Spigot Configuration Guide

    you wrote this didnt you?

    features i know of off the top of my head:
    optimized growth
    asynchronous chunk IO
    optimized entity stacks
    optimized redstone torches (not sure about this 1)
    filter unsafe IPs
    disable random lighting
    aggregated ticks (also not sure)
    nibble arrays
    chunk garbage collector

    many of these come from craftbukkit++ where there is a good explanation: http://www.spout.org/threads/1-3-2-1-4-2-craftbukkit.938/