Spigot Update?

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  1. I know 1.8.4 fixed the security issues, But i still want the 1.8.4 version can i have a unofficial link to an unofficial spigot 1.8.4? I love running the latest mc for my players.
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  2. Im aware that it supports 1.8.4, But i want an unoffical 1.8.4 spigot since the team wont update it. Ps i know the 1.8.3 fixed that bug i still want the latest mc version.
  3. why theres no diffrence?
  4. I dont care.. i want the latest.
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  5. so you want a developer to spend his precious time simply to change a version number?
    because if thats the case you might as well go learn java and do it yourself, i dont think anyone will do
    that for you.

    EDIT: sorry if that came of rude wasnt meant to be rude.
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  6. There are unofficial spigot 1.8.4 ive seen it i just need the download link. Thanks for the rudeness.
  7. I'll update the old one for £10.
  8. You are not allowed to share any links to downloads of Spigot. if you want it, you have to find it yourself or get it via BuildTools.
  9. The latest spigot builds patches the same security issues that 1.8.4 does, just written by different people. You'd be wasting your money paying someone to "update" it.