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  1. Hey,

    So today I was just thinking of sites that I could possibly add my new upcoming Network to; However, I know Spigot doesn't have too much traffic and it's more of a developers space to share code, ideas and also a help discussion website. However, I think adding a Spigot voting page wouldn't hurt Spigot but it could possibly increase the traffic of Spigot, I know Spigot would be receiving more childish kids but it would also receive more matured teens. This is only a suggestion no need to start disliking me or rating this funny lol. Only an idea, if this was already suggested then just ignore this haha.
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  2. MiniDigger


    why would spigot need more traffic? everyone who is serious about running a server or developing a plugin is already on here and the rest should not realy be a part of this community...
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  3. saphiria


    Err, you do know that Spigot is not a server? Yes, there is the Spigot test server, but that is not meant to have a bunch of immature kids on it.
  4. No, I just mean a cool server listing, I think it's a cool idea for people who want to add their servers to Spigot. Since Spigot is a very nice, clean and simple site to have a server listing on.

    Nah, I love Spigot the way it is, having immature kids would definitely ruin the vibe; However, it was only a idea but what I'm trying to imply is that it could be cool for server owners who want to add their servers to such a site.
  5. joshwenke

    Wiki Team

    I honestly don't see that anywhere in the near future for Spigot.
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  6. This has already been suggested before, which inevitably was denied.
  7. MineCove


    People looking for a new minecraft server wouldn't come to Spigot, the google query results for something relative to 'minecraft servers to play on' wouldn't have this site anywhere on it. The community that is already here is here for admin/development stuff. Any advertisements are almost purely a show of work
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