Spigot vs. Spout?

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  1. SpacePuppeh


    Hey Spigoters,

    What is the huge difference here? These are both modified CraftBukkit builds made for speed on large servers with slightly different added features.

    I thought I would post this since I just don't know and I'm curious as to the differences and why they don't band together...

    Thanks! :)
  2. Favorlock


    Spigot is a fork of craftbukkit++ I believe which was a project of the Spout team if I remember correctly. Spoutcraft legacy is a plugin that provides functionality not normally possible with CraftBukkit. Spout is a framework and does absolutely nothing at this point in time really, mainly because of the fact they are still working on Vanilla and there aren't a whole lot of people developing anything using Spout. That's my understanding of everything at least.
  3. I thought Spout was a plugin. ;_;
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  4. Spout is not a fork of CB, or even minecraft. Spout is a built from the ground up alternative server that implements the Minecraft protocol. In essence, they are trying to "do the server right", and not subject to all the problems Mojang has caused.

    ultimately, its alot more work and not complete, and is not tailored for a vanilla experience. However there is a plugin for it to provide vanilla game mechanics.

    Spout did release a bukkit plugin before that offered support for its client without having to use Spout Server, which provides fancy tools such as custom GUI's, but a server utilizing this technology will be limited by either excluding vanilla clients, or developing their server in a way to support both, which requires more work overall or limiting use of Spout.
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