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  1. I am trying to configure a custom "unknown command" message from the spigot.yml file.
    I have tried using the following for my color codes but none worked: § &

    When I used "&" the server didn't start. But when I use "§" I get the following error in the screen shot below. click on the link.


    Does anyone know how to fix this?
  2. You should use "&" for color codes. What did it say on your server console log when the server is starting up when you are using "&"?
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  3. Use: '&6enter here something'
  4. Or try making your file utf8
  5. you need to encode in utf8
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  6. Yes i think it's the problem ;)
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  7. I don't know what that is..
  8. Wait hum maybe you can't put color code in the UnknowCommand from the spigot.yml ? try to use custom plugin
  9. Yes you can in spigot.yml
  10. When I use default color code (&1) the server doesn't start and it produces and error. Also what is UTF8 and how do I use it? I see a few people above mentioned it.
  11. It depends in the text editor you are using, for example, in notepad++: Menu Encoding --> Utf-8

    Other text editors may let you choose the encoding when you save the tile.
  12. Oh okay thanks