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Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by alex_markey, Sep 11, 2013.

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  1. Am getting a bit of lag from "Full Server Tick" on my server, from what i understand it is the Growth modifiers that do this (Not 100% sure on that)
    My spigot.yml is below, as well as my timings result. Apart from Full Server Tick, timings is pretty good =)


    Any assistance in perfecting my spigot.yml even more will be greatly appreciated!!
  2. Average Players: 197.33 - Average TPS: 19.98 There is nothing wrong.
  3. Dmck2b

    Services Staff

    Little tip, upgrade to 1095, it should drop that hopper tick down a bit more.
  4. Whilst i know the timings is pretty good, there is still lag on my server (Not network lag)

    i believe for it to be the "Full Server Tick" being relatively high,
    If anyone could assist in telling me what causes this to be so high, that would be greatly appreciated
  5. full server tick is simply the summary of your server...
    If you have any TPS loss, it will be over 100 for pct tick.

    If your maintaining 20 TPs, it will be under 100% usually.

    You should never look at that number for figuring out lag. Look at everything else BESIDES that.

    Your server is not lagging, but as above said, upgrade to reduce hopper hits.
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  6. if i want to completely disable hoppers in certain worlds, what should i set this value to?
  7. Scrayos


    2^31 - 1 = 2147483647
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  8. well it seems that its not server lag, and MUST be network lag =L
    How would i find the cause of the network lag then :L?
  9. Scrayos


    I don't know how much experience with servers you got, thats why I need to ask you that: Is it real lag, or client-sided lag?, You can notice client-sided lagg by freezin' Screen and low FPS. - Many of my Players don't know the difference and some admins I know doesn't know this too, so please be sure it's server-lag.
  10. Nah, not client side, definate server side.
    Players are jerking when walking =L (Could be my home network)
  11. Would someone just simply be able to indicate me, what are some things responsible for the "Full Server Tick" so i can work from there on?
  12. Haven't we already established that the FST is irrelevant? What specs/network is the server run on?
  13. I7 3770k Overclocked 4.5GHZ
    Network is 1GBPS up and down.
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  14. EatingEmoKids


    Hey Alex, having a similar issue on my server thats hosted with intreppid. We've setup a test server with another host and the problem is completely gone. I've been discussing this with intreppid over the past week and they've even tried moving us to another machine with no luck.

    I'd be interested in finding out if you still have the problem on another host, since it cleared up for me.
  15. Ive had many issues with intreppid / staminus in the past too =L
    Are you using their protection too?
  16. EatingEmoKids


    Yeah I'm using their protection + machines. Right now I've purchased a server from another host and that machine is in NY but their ddos protection is in LA and is causing a bit of lag until they have servers and ddos protection in the same datacenter on Wednesday this week.

    However, the new host has no lag when I use a non-protected ip. Intreppid's machines still lag with or without the protection. I've been told by my new host that the lag from the ddos protection will not be an issue once the machines and ddos protection are in the same place. I'll be able to let you know how that works out on Wednesday/Thursday of this week.
  17. I have just send a ticket in to them, ill attempt to get it fixed, but as you said you have already tried that and not succeeded =L
  18. EatingEmoKids


    If you have any luck please let me know, but as of right now it looks like my only option is to purchase new servers from this other host, which I plan to do on Wednesday. Good luck!
  19. Summed up, they just keep telling me that nothing is wrong.
  20. EatingEmoKids


    Same answer I got after speaking with them for about 3-4 days. Even explained how my players are seeing this and when I switched to another host the issue wasn't there. They keep insisting nothing is wrong or that something is wrong with my plugins. I've even setup a server with nothing but spigot and it still lags. I know my self and another friend who rents 2 servers from them are moving hosts this week due to this issue. It's a shame though, I've not been knocked offline since switching but the lag is killing our player base.
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