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  1. Please Say Me Why Spigot Say Like This...
    ERROR Always
    And It Say That Please Report spigotmc.org and i reported pls help me
  2. Don't run old versions.
  3. but i want 1.7.2 and 1.8 what we do? can yoyu help me
  4. From that error it seems the EpicBoss plugin is causing it. It also says to check for plugins before reporting it here.. :p
  5. okay thanks but how can i do control? i write /plugins everyone is green means correct not mistake how can i do please help me i delete epic boss?
  6. Having everything in your /plugins green doesn't mean "correct" or "no mistake", it means until onEnable() method finishes there are no errors.

    The problem seems to be in "EpicBoss". You can't change that, you'll have to tell that to EpicBoss' author to fix it.

    I am pretty sure this version is not supported anymore.
  7. Thank you very much i change my spigot or ? i say epicboss author to fix it?