Spigot SpigotBoard 3.0.4

A powerful scoreboard plugin for Spigot.

  1. Does this support HealthBar?
  2. HealthBar is not supported atm, if you could tell me a bit more about it I'll be sure to add it in the future!
  3. You should make this soft-depend on vault, as I'd rather not install vault just for this plugin if I don't plan on using any vault features within SpigotBoard.
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  5. Why Java 9? What's wrong with 8?
  6. Can you please do with the ranks so that it has the scoreboard the same color as the rank so for example, players Gray and Owner Red just the colors of the Pex ranks
  7. i want to report a bug
  8. How does one get rid of the line numbers at the right side of the board? they look quite hoky and not needed.
  9. [​IMG]
    If you are referring to these then are built-in Minecraft that means can't remove them unless you use a mod for Minecraft but that will only affect you but you can change the numbers of them If the plugin allows you to for this you probably need to ask the developer of the plugin but to completely remove them I'm 99% sure you cant.
  10. I kinda thought that was the case but had to ask. I still think that they look rather crude and not needed.