SpigotMC 1.2.5 W/forge

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  1. Okay so since the github i can find has a DMCA takedown. Is there anyone out there with any leads on a Spigotmc 1.2.5 with forge .jar, or just Spigotmc 1.2.5 might work aswell.
    Much appreciated if anyone have some info or the file somewhere.
    Going to use it on a Tekkit classic server which runs in version 1.2.5
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    1.2.5 is literally one of the very first versions of Spigot - there was definitely no Forge support for it
  3. I don't think I've ever seen anyone request that low of a version. Why would 1.2.5 even be necessary?
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    Mostly because of modpacks (e.g. tekkit classic). Anyway OP your best bet is to find old versions of cauldron or mcpc+ floating around somewhere.
  5. And people get mad at others requesting 1.7... PSH.
    This is on a whole new level!
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