SpigotMC is Exhibiting at MINECON 2015

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by md_5, May 30, 2015.

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  1. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Good news everyone!

    We are pleased to announce that SpigotMC will be exhibiting at MINECON 2015. As those of you who are attending are surely well aware by now, the event is in 35 days which means we need to get cracking on organisation!

    We want our booth to be a central location for the Minecraft server community, and we want the entire SpigotMC community, regardless of their attendance to be represented by us. We are also well aware that there are many talented creative individuals in the community who are able to help us get our stand and merchandise designed as quickly as possible so that we can get things ordered, printed and ready in time for the event.

    To this end I have created a special MINECON forum which details everything that we need to get done within the next 20 days:

    Here you will find threads detailing individual things which we need to get created, designed and ordered, including but not limited to:
    • Brochures / Flyers
    • Feature Trailer Video
    • T-Shirts
    If you are creatively inclined, or know someone who is, please point them in that direction and hopefully together we can work together to produce some items which represent the entire community in an awesome way.
    In exchange for the people who successfully design the listed items, there will be lots of stuff up for grab including ultra rare forum badges and some free merchandise (and maybe other rewards) posted to your address.

    If you are not creatively minded the other way in which you can help out is to send a donation dedicated to "MINECON 2015". Hosting a booth and filling it with tonnes of awesome stuff is no cheap feat, and the money will be greatly appreciated towards paying for the booth, merchandise, design and other expenses. A little birdy told me there might even be some special perks on the way.

    ~Spigot Team
    ~Spigot Community

    PS: There is still a week left for you to book your seats for the SpigotMC Community lunch, happening on the Sunday. Check it out here: http://www.spigotmc.org/threads/minecon-2015-spigotmc-community-lunch.67677/

    PPS: Our TeamSpeak server has recently been upgraded and can be found at talk.spigotmc.org
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  2. saphiria



    Awesome, I can't way to help!
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  3. I swear you're just trying to make me more and more jealous :p

    *rocks back and forth crying in fetal position, next year ben, next year*
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  4. Wow! I want that super ultra rare badge. I am going to try a brochure! This is exciting I'm gonna go donate some more to support.
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. awww someone beat me to a gif xD

    too bad I'm not a designer... I kinda want a super ultra rare badge
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  7. MineCove


    Do we have a donation goal in mind?
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  8. md_5

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    Not as yet, we've got the booth covered from our savings but none of the merchandise or extras.

    Shirts will be sold back at about break even or maybe slight profit (but have a high initial outlay), flyers are deceptively expensive, and then we've also got giveaways, screens (if we can't borrow them from someone) and a tonne of other expenses to organise.
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  9. x_L


    awesome c:
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  10. It makes me sad that I wasnt around when these events started, but its awesome to see such community support for a project like this!
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  11. Damn I want that badge xD
  12. Something tells me md_5's been watching Futurama recently :cool:
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  13. saphiria


  14. Do you have a brand kit with the official logo designs that designers can use?
  15. Ask in the minecon forums, he has given a couple examples there.
  16. Not looking for examples, more specifically vector/raster image files (.ai or .psd) that we can use to ensure the official logo is kept the same.
  17. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    I've made a thread detailing that. You probably want to use the larger vemacs shirt logo for most things, as the originals to our actual logo were long lost (blame @Sway :p )
  18. minecraft7net


    Hi - please try something like OpenBSD do, i think ppl will buy t-shirts, cups, etc.

    meybe server boundle with plugins and ultra sesure server ready to go and install for not so technical ppl.


    i will start free hostting for minecraft servers soon so i'm open for cooperation.

    and of course i'll try my best with donations :)
  19. Nice! I look forward to visit the booth as I couldn't make the community lunch.
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