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  1. Wouldnt it be cool that you could add your server to a public SpigotMC serverlist.
    This would be set to true in the config, with a secret key to the Spigot website, so people can go in and change description of there servers, and also the possibility to see that this server is for example a bungeecord server and then you can click on the "Main" server, and see what other servers the have on there bungeecord instance.
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  2. No, it wouldn't be cool. Here's why:
    • SpigotMC is an API project, not a server list
    • The community here consists of either developers or servers owners, what's the point in busy developers / owners seeing other servers?
    • We have dozen, if not hundreds of server list websites already
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  3. Rate My Server is pretty much a server list, however I have to say it would be nice for Spigot to have one as all the current ones are shit.
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  4. I would say that SpigotMC is a little more than just a project, its a whole community with busy developers and busy server owners, but these people can just ignore that section of SpigotMC, like i ignore pretty much of the forum beacuse i cant use some of the sections for example.

    Yes i know we have many server list websites, but i just think there is to many and no one has maked one thats smooth and sleek, and all these server list sites is vote based, so people always come in and vote. But if SpigotMC made a server list website, people could get feedback to eachothers server from other server owners, to make there own server better.

    I agree with you, there are just to many to get the server linked on.

    Dont you think there is too many?
    Wouldnt it be better with one that showcase all the servers at one place, and this would also help people looking at other servers and getting better feedback.
  5. Yeah, but why have a server list here if nobody is interested in it? I have my own server, I don't care about others for example. At least half of the users on this forums are the exact same. The other half are developers, which are often either doing freelancing work, working for another server or busy with maintaining, uploading & selling resources here. There really is not a group of users on this website that is interested in having a server list, simple as that :p

    If you want people to rate your server, then the Rate My Server section is your place to be. It was made for people to get feedback on things.
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  6. The server list can be used by people "outside" of the spigotMC, and if spigotMC made one it would be more "accepted" by players beacuse people trust spigotMC
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  7. So Mercedes should start making bicycle because the cars are good and trusted? SpigotMC is an API project, and as a result has a community of server owners and developers. Nothing more nothing less. That being said, it's probably trusted by exactly those 2 groups of people. You cannot just dump a throw of ideas at a project and expect it to work.
  8. I can confirm this, but it would still be cool
  9. Oh God no. What is Spigot? A Minecraft server software. @MrDienns is also right most people playing Minecraft who look for servers don't come to SpigotMC. SpigotMC is filled with developers and server makers. We are the producers not the consumers.
  10. That sounds like a lot of work for the addition of something you can already google.
  11. SpigotMC is an API project. If they were to make a server list here it would be showing off what can be be done/what someone did with the API. A server list on this website probably be the most resourceful one since all the other ones are filled with absolute crap
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  12. If you say that there are already too many serverlists, making another one would only make the problem worse.
    This new serverslist would not be that one place that showcases all the servers, it would just be another serverlist among the hundreds of other serverlists that already exist.

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  13. Soooo... what exactly prevents people from submitting crap here? There are already a shitload of server lists. If you don't wanna see crap servers, don't scroll 500 pages to the bottom and just look at servers with the most votes?
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  14. People outside of Spigot can use google. There are sites dedicated to certain things, if spigot was a directory for spigot powered servers it would have already been a different website.
  15. md_5

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    I thought everyone just played hypixel
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  16. 2008Choco

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    Yea... on 1.8. I mean come on, 90% of all players in the world are playing Hypixel 1.8. Why use a server list?

  17. Maybe only people with a good record on SpigotMC can post servers
    And It doesn't have to be sorted by votes
    The servers could also be review before they are posted
  18. Honestly wouldn't mind if there was one. Don't really see a reason not too that is valid.
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  19. tOo MuCh WoRk AnD tHeRe ArE sO mAnY oThEr OnEs.
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