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  1. Other companys do it? If a company makes phone, it can go over to making the hardware in the phone, or maybe make a tablet or a laptop computer.

    The SpigotMC API project could might need something more, so it gets more regoniced and maybe even more people could contribute to it if there were more people going in to make a server.

    Yes but all these diffrent sites is confusing in the long run, if SpigotMC made one i think that everybody would use that, instead of using 10 diffrent sites for promoting your server, you will use one option instead of the 10, and that one would be so much bigger.

    Meaning that more people would begin to visit SpigotMC's websites.

    That would might be true, or not.
    The SpigotMC community is a very large community and making a server list website here would easily get new members fast, and alot of new servers fast, and maybe some of the server owners would take there server not serious or delete from the other website servers if everybody begins to use SpigotMC's serverlist as the main server lister.

    Thats why we need a serverlist website, that takes the server listing serious and doesn't just take it up in votes, maybe making a voting system like the normal one, but then adding that people can write reviews to maybe get ingame items for a review as long as 100,200,300,400,500,600.
    All these reviews would then be upvoted and downvoted by other people and then there would also be a system for the Weeks server list, for servers making great progress, you could add so many more things that would change what servers thats on the top.
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  2. This is a terrible idea. is a website based solely for the use of Developers, Owners, Administrators and Artists. It's so we can create servers and manage them. It's not here to advertise your servers. For one, why in God's name should I care about someone else's server on here? It doesn't benefit me in any way, I don't get experience in development or administration from them, I don't make a profit from their servers, do I? Also, for a fact here: We're server owners, we're not looking for other servers to play on. That's why we don't allow advertisement on these forums. Other people looking for servers to play on use other websites that are actually dedicated to listing servers because guess what? That's what they're for. If we add it here, it'll be confusing and hell to migrate everyone over to here and it'd be wasting resources that we could use for other, more important features.
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  3. If you want something like this so badly, go to MC-Market. It basically is in a sense lol.
  4. I haven't really chimed in yet because my opinion is basically the same as everyone else's.
    SpigotMC is a website for development of servers and plugins for servers.
    If we added a server list, we would be attracting a whole other group of people (players) to this website that really serve no purpose.
    The staff here already have enough to do without having thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of new members posting random garbage all over this website.
    As MrDienns made the analogy of Mercedes making bikes, it would make no sense, even though mercedes has actually made bikes. But the point is its not in the company's best interest!

    I do see why someone might think this is a good idea, but in all honesty it just really doesn't fit with the flow of what SpigotMC's website is really about.
    We already have dozens of new threads a day that are all started in the wrong category. We would end up attracting people who are looking for servers, then see the forum and asking silly non-spigot related minecraft questions.
    Posts in Spigot Discussion "my client crashed, what do i do"
    It would get chaotic.
  5. Since the topic is still going, lol..

    I hope IF (and they won't) do this, that they ONLY list servers that are on the latest recommended build, in online mode. And are spigot.. not paper or whatever, no need to promote other spin offs
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  6. Exactly. I was thinking that if there was going to one a Server list at has to be at least go decent - good quality. Things like he said would be a great start to check is a server is qualifiable or not
  7. The big problem I see is people fighting over what server versions should be displayed. I can see people saying "only 1.12 servers" and others wanting their 1.8 server displayed already. The suffering isn't worth it.
  8. No 1.8 server should be on any server list
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  9. All server versions would be listed, but you could implement a system where it is the newest servers that get a little more % boost in the placing of the server :)
    That would make more people use the newer versions and support these newer versions with more test servers, so that spigot could grow even faster and quicker.
  10. I would agree with the online mode should be set to true, or the bungeecord should be set to true :)
    Still all the spigot versions should be listed, but the newer versions should be listed a bit higher :)
  11. Don't think half of this site makes their own plugins. The other 1/3 are here just be a dick to everyone if they get something wrong, or they don't like your idea, an example would be, sorry. Can't say shit, might get warned, protecting one of their donors

    But yes, there are the certain few that helps renew my faith in this community, the 18% that actually help it be better.
  12. Thats stupid to say since basically all of the top servers on the most popular server lists are 1.8 backend
  13. Oh so it's not just me who thinks that.
  14. DEFINITELY not just you. So how many people is that with sense, 2?

    Well the problem is this is, bungeecord instances? So every lobby, server that is on that bungeecord. So if we go to Mineplex for example, a deader server than me nan, they have about 1,000 servers? It would be stupid, in some cases.

    A SpigotMC serverlist? I don't see many people using that since, of course, there are just server lists in general and to put in effort of getting an API key, setting up a database. It's like the amount of effort you need to make a FiveM server but that is just much more complex and unnecessary. Many people will ignore the serverlist, considering SpigotMC is free and is funded by donators, I do think it's too much.
  15. Spigot is for sharing resources and for developers/server owners to meet and for people to share programming knowledge, not for a list of servers, there are 1000s of server lists all over the internet.
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