SpigotMC Theme?

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by ChazzaPlays, May 3, 2015.

  1. Would somebody be able to tell me what theme SpigotMC use as i own a xenforo website and would like a similar theme.
  2. Down in the bottom left.

  3. Oh ah thanks, i dont see that because i havnt donated any amount
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  4. I meant the Audentio Design...
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  5. Yes i saw that.... but what theme, thats just the team who made this theme and others...
  6. Well I am pretty sure the theme is a custom theme for Spigot by them.
  7. i saw UI.X but didnt know if that was it
  8. Thanks, would u think UI.X would do the same?
  9. Do the same? If you're referring to design style the one I mentioned is the base of what they are using, UI.X seems to look relatively the same (from first impressions) however lacks edge to edge design. Other than that yea sure they seem almost the same it all depends on what you prefer and would like for your website
  10. I would like something the same as this but different colours as my "logo" has the 2 different colors. I dont know wheather to buy UI.X or UI.Flex
  11. Just customize the colours of the one you want then... It doesn't matter which one you get all XenForo designs look alike
  12. Oh ah gotcha, what even is the difference between them both
  14. so if i bought UI.X i could get a website like this
  15. Are you even reading what I am saying?
  16. yes i am, i sort of get it