Web SpigotSearchEngine 2.0.12

SpigotSearchEngine is a Browser Extension, it will help you to find any Resources on SpigotMC

  1. Really nice plugin, makes searching a lot easier. However I got a few suggestions for it.
    Could you also let it search by hitting the enter key? Not only by clicking search?
    It would also be nice if you could add the searchbar for all the categories ;)
  2. Only if you are changing your review to 5 Stars. :p

    Okay, to be honest, 1. planned; 2. also planned.

    *Working on it ;) *
  3. Well glad to hear that and as already said in my review, its good how it is now, but the 5th star will come when you add the new features :p
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  4. Yay thats what I wanted! :D
    I also see that you added some advertising for your plugins, haha :p

    What I also thought about is that you could easily manipulate the searching and just leave some resources out that you don't like, lol
  5. :D

    It was implemented within the first version, but i did something wrong there :D

    Yeah, but I'm not going to do this ... ;)[/QUOTE]
  6. Hint: You are able to use it in Opera.


    (1) Official Opera extension that lets you install Chrome addons: https://addons.opera.com/hu/extensions/details/download-chrome-extension-9/
    (2) Restart Opera
    (3) Come back and hit the download button, select Chrome and you will be redirected to the Chrome extension site. You will see a green install button.. hit it.
    (4) Opera will ask permission. Allow.

    PS: Works flawlessly

    (Sorry for my English)
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  7. Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 12.27.36.png

    Why does it need access to your site?
  8. Because im unable to access the SpigotMC database directly :D
    It's just used to get all plugin informations (Similar to the spiget.org system) ;)
  9. Thanks for explaining.
  10. This is a really great add-on for your browser but can be improved:
    • The "Search Resources" bar should appear when you view:
      • Categories
      • Resource Pages (only appears on the first page)
      • Sort By (only appears when you have "Last Update" selected)
    • Spaces shouldn't matter when searching (e.g if you search Placeholder API then it won't appear since PlaceholderAPI doesn't have a space in between).
    Keep up the good work! ;)
  11. Work in progress. ;)

    I thought about an Infinite Scrolling option...

    Do you mean that this option isn't saved?

    I've Already thought about this problem, an option to change the search from "contains" and "equals" will be added. ;)

    Thanks :)
  12. I'm referring to the sort by that Spigot has.