Split a dedicated server into multiple VM's?

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by Killerate953, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. Hello,

    Would it benefit to split up a dedicated server with 64GB DDR4 and i7 6700K into multiple VM's for lets say a website, pterodactyl panel and the daemon? Maybe a seperate machine for the Database. Storage wont be a problem.

    Also these machines will have their own public IP.
  2. Probably not.

    Pterodactyl panel and daemon can easily be hosted on the same machine, same for the database. Adding a virtualhost for your website should be no problem.
  3. I was thinking the same, but was thinking well why not ask for other people's opinion. It is just a security thing, in terms of DDoSS and such. As if a person for example ddosses my website only the webserver will go offline. But if I do it all on the same machine everything will go down.

    Thank you for your opinion :)
  4. Yeah no, if the DDoS saturates your bandwidth then not only your webserver goes down but also your Minecraft server and any other service requiring internet.
  5. True, but I got a solution for that, networking wise. But overall would you recommend it?
  6. Yeah no, only 'solution' is null-route or the capacity to mitigate and filter. I would only recommend splitting into multiple VMs if that brings you an advantage, because splitting into multiple vms costs more time in both setup and maintenance. At this point I don't see an advantage in splitting into multiple VMs, so my current recommendation would be to not split into multiple VMs.
  7. I m gonna do it with VMware ESXi, got an IPS/IDS here. Maintenance and setup wont be a problem as I will have scripts to do that and configurations have been set as well through Ansible.
    But I understand your point.

    Typical Dutch? Yeah No :p
  8. I am working on a 64 GB server virtualized into multiple VMs / containers. Minecraft servers run pretty well on VMs.


    - Each VMs have their own differential backup (every hours).
    - The dedicate server make a backup of all the differents servers every day, those backup are sent to an external storage server.

    You can host multiple service (for exemple your minecraft services an a lan, and some others service on another).

    I think that virtualisation is the safest way. Btw, when you use some """"big"""" dedicate server like a 64gb dedicate server, virtualisaiton allow to optimize resources

    I suggest you to use virtualization (but it's a bad idea to give a public IP for each machine. You should only have a router).
  9. Ahh thanks for the feedback! Will look into this as well!