Split a Minecraft Map into several MapParts/Server

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  1. Hey there,

    is it possible to split a Survival Map into several MapParts? Is it Possible to Symlink the Map in several MinecraftServers?


    Black = Fullrendered Minecraft Map
    Red = Minecraft Server
    Green = Buffered Zone no changes possible for players and BungeePortalsystem
  2. I'll need to know your definition of symlink. Placing a block a block in server one also instantly places the block in server 2? I guess that'd require some custom plugin unless there's something available already.

    If you simply want to make sure that your lobby for example is the same on all servers, you could simply symlink or mount it from a central file storage somewhere on load.
  3. Nah sorry my description is a mess...

    Right now it's like this.

    But due performance issues i want to split the map into own parts but it's still one Server but connected through BungeeCord with ONE dynmap which shows ONE map which should be actually splitted into for example 5 parts
  4. Dynmap renders one world. Nothing more nothing less. If you want dynmap to display it as one world, you'd have to create a another world where everything is combined into one large world, render and display that one in dynmap. However, this will then not display any players on the map, not sure if that's your intention.

    Another suggestion is that instead of using dynmap for this, I'd look into MinecraftOverviewer (its called something in that direction), which is essentially dynmap but it doesn't require an MC server to run on. It pre generates a bunch of files just like dynmap but you can dump it on any webserver, which is better in terms of performance.
  5. But Still. Is it possible to Use one pregenerated Map via Symlink with MinecraftServerTasks?
  6. how big is the black border total map?

    100k x 100k ?
  7. Nah it's 35k but it would be much nicer to handle.
  8. OOoh, with a handful of players maybe 25 or something and a 35k map, you shouldn't have performance issues whatsoever.. that's nothing.
  9. Never the less. Is it possible? If yes how?
  10. Maybe you can customize the worldborder source code that when they touch it and instead of getting bumped back, you get /server nextone'd
    But it won't be a smooth transition.

    Dynmap will render per world, it won't stitch all the maps together.

    You'd have to end up with the exact same map pre-rendered, then worldborder from the spawn point in the middle of each map - for that world. And truncate the chunks outside if it you want to save data.

    I doubt you can have 1 map used by all servers, but each server with their own values.. maybe use symlinks and do intensive,intensive testing and see if that works out. and just have 1 server deal with dynmap, but otherwise i dunn how to do this

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