Splitting up the servers or one big server?

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  1. Hello there I am planning my Hunger Games server currently and I am wondering if I should split the servers up and run many smaller servers connected using bungee or run one large server with different worlds and incorporate the Hunger Games plugin into it? Please help me with this I want to have a low lag network because there is no such thing as no lag. Thanks ahead of time.
  2. If you already have a player base, go ahead. Otherwise, no.
  3. Would there be a performance boost having smaller servers than one big one? I don't have a player base because the server isn't currently open but once we open we plan on having a few hundred players at least.
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    Server isn't open?
    No point in splitting up the servers...
  5. joehot200


    It increases performance and decreases community, due to less synced chat, etc.
    I actually like YoFuzzy3's way of doing it - he has a plugin that synchronizes chat, messages, teleports, etc, which really is pretty nice.
  6. So you are saying so start with one then if needed add more of them? By if needed, I mean that the server is always full.
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    1. Open a server
    2. Gain a player base
    3. See how it goes

    Unless your going to do a specific setup with games, no point in doing it so early.
  8. Ok thanks for the help and advice good luck with your server too.
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