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  1. I made a post on the Sponge forums. For the original post: https://forums.spongepowered.org/t/bungeecord-api/12509
    Here is what was included
    Have a Bungeecord API to allow cool things to be done with Sponge plugins on a proxy server. It could take elements from Sponge like chat or economy to easily be put into a Bungeecord server. This will require some work from people who work on Bungee but it would be nice. This may not be considered an API but well I don't know. I am no programmer. I just have an idea to share.
    Please read whole post before commenting.

    Things I would like to see.
    1. Allowing Bungee and Sponge to work perfect together with plugins like global chat or something

    2. Add some hooks to certain API's and certain things sponge plugins currently use and will use in the future for Bungeecord to hook into.

    3. Allow plugin data be sent cross server to only other sponge servers like permissions. MySQL does exist but the plugin developer has to allow support for it.

    4. Allow Bungee to Sponge bridges like there are bukkit bridges for certain bungeecord plugins that use them allow them for sponge.

    5. Make it so it works seamlessly with any plugin even if the plugin has no though of Bungee.

    6. A good way to disable certain features from going cross server, and allow certain data be sent to certain servers that can be called by name in the config. (Example if you don't want cross server Factions and want to just have multiple Faction servers with their own data.)

    7. Forge mods are taken into account right at the Bungeecord server. If there is no available server that doesn't require mods (or whatever) it will kick you with a message.

    8. Shared inventories and other things with Sponge can be cross server with specific servers, and active command blocks active on one could be allowed cross server.

    9. Certain forge mod data (like text and maybe a few others) can be sent cross server.

    10. Features used in this could also be used in your normal sponge server with worlds instead of servers if you don't use Bungee. You could have the ability to separate data per world or worlds.
    What this could be used for...
    1. Chat plugins that use Sponge: People don't need to find a bungeecord plugin that will work with Sponge, which may take awhile after support is added.

    2. Economy plugins could allow cross server currency without needing bungeecord in mind.

    3. You don't need to know the Bungeecord API to do cool things with cross server.

    4. Essential type plugins can work all across a Bungeecord network. Like homes and warps.

    5. For non bungee servers worlds can have separate data and joined inventories.

    6. YOUR SERVERS! You don't need to try and find Bungee plugins. As plugins grow too the potential for this can grow. Big servers wanting to port to sponge can use our diverse list of plugins and plugins to come instead and the list of plugins that already exist with Bungeecord. Plenty of plugins to choose from.
    SO MUCH MORE!!! I can't list them all here so I tried to go as broad as possible with these and to give some examples.

    Disclaimer: I am not saying plugins cross server or mods cross server. This may not be an API just support with Bungee. And I know that Bungee does not have support to allow such things as I have posted here. I want to see some work together to allow such things.

    I want to see Bungee work with Sponge to allow these things to be possible.
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  2. MineCove


    If this required a cooperative effort between Spigot/Sponge, I don't see either party being interested in collaborating.
  3. To implement all this is a major task, and for something that won't benefit the developers here, it's a shit tonne of useless effort.. There are forks of BungeeCord for Sponge specifically and you'd do much better with them.
  4. Why doing so much effort for this? It would be a waste of time... Sorry