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  1. Quick question, maybe the wrong area to ask though.

    I've had a Minecraft server provider approach me and offer me access to a server to showcase my plugins in exchange for putting their logo and a link on my plugin descriptions.

    Anyone had any experience with this and know what the rules are regarding it? While it would be helpful, I don't want to fall foul of the rules (written or unwritten) of the site.

  2. I wouldn't do that, you can get into trouble with the EULA. The problem is that you are not allowed to market the product yourself. The "/plugin" command belongs to a MC server (you have to ask yourself if the command was implemented directly by MC). If so, you don't have the right to sell it because you are trying to sell a direct function of the game. Also, "advertising" in the game is in itself very borderline to the TOS/EULA. You should be clever about it.
  3. Sorry, maybe I'm not explaining properly.

    They'd like to put a logo on my spigot page, for example:
  4. I've seen other plugins authors do it and haven't seen them get into trouble for it, I'd highly assume it's fine.
  5. Aaaah i thought you mean Ingame.You'd better go straight to Spigot about something like this:
    Code (Text):
  6. Thanks guys.

    The offer came via my Discord, not spigot, so I don't think they've broken the rules in asking - but wanted to see if *I* would be breaking any. Doesn't seem like I would, it exists.. but I'll give it some thought before I move forward (unless @md_5 would like to comment on its legality?)
  7. There's no issue with the request being on Discord, but it depends on what they want you to advertise. Take a look at rule 7 for specifics on what kind of advertising is allowed and isn't.
  8. Perfect, thank you.

    Rule 7, section 5 - Advertisements (including sponsorships) are allowed on resource pages within the following limits [..]

    Appreciate the help, will mark this complete!