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  1. I know spoutcraft is outdated, but is there no alternative for 1.7/1.8?
  2. Alternative;
    Don't use spout and use SPIGOT ;)

    Also, what do you need spout for?
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  3. @Latouth
    I know, but i meant: forge mod and bukkit plugin work together and do awesome stuff! like: server side cape, new block/items, better API, basicly you could use the Spout API to extend the Bukkit API with the Forge API, but spout is 1.6.4, and I would like to know if there is a 1.7/1.8 alternative.
  4. There was a project similar to this started up - Sponge I think? No idea the status of that project, and the "promised" official modding API would accomplish basically that anyway. Currently I don't think there are any viable alternatives (Spout hardly had anything to make it worth using anyway).
  5. @techni, I know about sponge, but that's not what i'm looking for, however it micht be the best i can find. Sponge is not only a forge client side mod, but also a Forge server side mod, so yuo can only Forge mods, or mods from the Sponge API, but not bukkit plugins
  6. Well a plugin would be relatively easy to make with an API. The client is a whole different story. But still not impossible using the PMC.
  7. @_Cory_ Forge modding is WAY harder then bukkit.
  8. Why do you comment to such an old post? And google says it is Planet MineCraft :3
  9. Sorry for the bump but SPONGE is what you are looking for!
  10. Not really, Sponge is a Forge mod. I wanted a Bukkit plugin.