Spread players on join

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  1. Hello!

    Does anyone know a way/plugin that spreads players on a radius when they join? So they don't get all cramped together in one block.

    I already search on bukkit.yml, spigot.yml and paper.yml and I didn't found something... (maybe I missed it).

    Does anyone already do this? How you do it?

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  2. So If you have two Cords (area where Players will be teleported If they Join) you make a Location with for example x = loc2.getX - random.nextint(loc1.getX-loc2.getX)+1.
    And the same for y and z
  3. You could try /gamerule spawnRadius [number] which would define the block area in which a player can spawn into.
  4. According to the wiki of Minecraft (https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Commands/gamerule) that value is 10 by default, however I'll try modifying it! Thanks