Spigot Spsl - Spigot server launcher 1.1


  1. Dmck2b Seems to be a false-positive. Someone should decompile it and take a look at the code.
    I wouldn't use this anyway, because Windows is not a server OS. :p
  2. that must be because of taskkills

    why wait?
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  3. It's clean.
    Edit: Just a tip for you. Let people change the dedicated RAM and stuff like that. Simple is good, but don't make it too simple.
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  4. Btw, the current maximum memory limit is 8 gigs (8192 Mb)
  5. Good, and now you should edit the overwiev and add a new screenshot.
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  6. Didn't realise people still used pascal to actually make stuff :O
  7. it's actually delphi, and how!
  8. Ahh, right :p What do you mean "and how!" ?
  9. it's quite popular, it supports android,ios and mac btw
    even fl studio,kmplayer,aimp,total commander are written on Delphi
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  10. As far as I am aware everyone uses delphi or some form of delphi over just standard pascal now - even if its just for a better IDE! :p Last time I checked there was little documentation for standard pascal on the internet regarding things like GUI