SQL Connection doesn't work on a live server

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  1. I was testing a plugin on a localhost server, then I went to test it on the live server and it couldn't connect to the SQL server. It set my info as a blank: ""

     public String getHubRank(Player p){
            try {

                PreparedStatement st = connection.prepareStatement("SELECT `hubrank` FROM `netdata` WHERE `uuid` = ?");
                st.setString(1, p.getUniqueId().toString());

                ResultSet rs = st.executeQuery();

                String value = "";

                if (rs.next()){

                    value = rs.getString("hubrank");



                return value;

            } catch (Exception e){
                return "ERROR";
    Thank you!
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  2. I found the issue, the server isn't running in bungeemode I believe.
  3. Change that char with this char --> '