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  1. Hello. I am trying to figure out if a "value" in the sql database.
    With the primary key being IdKey

    Example of database.

    How can i check if "9dcac4d7-8554-3d81-a516-19802307d130" is in the database.
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    do a select on the uuid, and check how many rows you get from the operation, if you get more than 0 rows, it exists in the database
  3. SELECT COUNT(column_uuid) WHERE column_uuid=?

    set(1, 9dcac4d7-8554-3d81-a516-19802307d130)
  4. Simple:

    PreparedStatement st = connection.prepareStatement("SELECT IdKey FROM LgPlayerData WHERE IdKey = ?");
    st.setString(1, "9dcac4d7-8554-3d81-a516-19802307d130");
    ResultSet rs = st.executeQuery();

    if (rs.next()) {
    } else {
    // not contains
  5. Note that you should not use this to determine whether you need to insert a new row, or to update an old one. You'd use INSERT INTO ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE for that.
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