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    How do I check a variable (well multiple) at the same time from MYSQL (using it as a code system) - If you can do it for me I am willing to pay just comment below or you can just tell me for free.
  2. Do you mean a simple select query with a where clause?
    Code (Text):
    SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = 'MrDienns' AND password = 'MyStrongPassword123';
    If that's not what you mean, please elaborate a little further.
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    I mean like leak poof a plugin
  4. Uh, yeah..? Does the above not give you an example of what you're looking for?

    None the less, if you're looking for anti piracy solutions, forget it. I'll let you browse the 491 results Google gives you regarding trashed "anti piracy" threads. It's not possible due to Spigot's guidelines. Plain and simple; anti piracy, forget it. It's a waste of time you're better off investing in improving your plugin.