SQLite Out of Memory errors

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  1. jtaylor69

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    07.06 11:47:22 [Server] SEVERE java.sql.SQLException: [SQLITE_NOMEM] A malloc() failed (out of memory)

    The following message extracted from my stack trace.
    Is this a result of under allocating the Minecraft server instance, or is it another issue with the dedicated server in general?

    When this happens, LWC and CoreProtect both fail as a result.
    This problem has only started arrising after the CoreProtect database corruption 2 days ago, due to the server stopping without giving chance for plugins to finish saving up data.
    I had renamed the database file to allow a new one to generate, as well as I've backed it up, ready for database repair (hopefully).
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    This is probably a result of you actual server being out of ram.
  3. jtaylor69

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    Very strange, not seen my usage exceed more than 32Gb (the limit)
    In total, all the Minecraft servers use 18Gb at most.
  4. Allocate more of dem RAMz to the Xmx, probably your best shot.

    Also you're using CoreProtect, don't do that, it's terrible.
    You're also using CoreProtect in SQLite mode, that's like taking a shit and rubbing it into the carpet and wondering why the carpet smells.

    You can convert LWC to MySQL pretty easily but if you're set on SQLite then you will have to deal with the consequences.
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  5. jtaylor69

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    Hmm just wondering if ScoreboardStats had any reason for the latest issues.
    Disabled it as of now and will see how that fares, however the reason I was hesitant towards MySQL in some areas is due to being on SSDs and I don't want to decrease the longevity of the devices.

    As for CP, used it since day 1 (nearly 1 year ago now) and has always been a great companion for staff and I.

    Thanks for advice so far and apologies for late reply, was having a beer or 3 in the garden with the missus :)
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  6. ... it's really not, it's terrible and always has been.

    But yeah, MySQL on an SSD is fine.

    CookieSlap.net's MySQL usage, on the same SSD's as the servers and it seems to give 0 fucks about anything really.
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  7. jtaylor69

    jtaylor69 Retired Moderator

    Great! Will consider upgrading LWC to MySQL then.
    Thanks for the information.

    Also just had a look at CookieSlap. What a wonderful idea!
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  8. Ooo, using replication? Care to share the set-up? Is it for backups?
  9. I'm going to setup replication very very soon, however, the server isn't actually setup for replication yet, it just thinks it's a master till I configure it later on ^^, I'd love to look into it though, I'll probably set it up for CS once we have the new server setup all done and use them for backups.

    Thank you! I take no credit though, I'm just the systems administrator, the real brains behind it all is itsatacoshop247.
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  10. jtaylor69

    jtaylor69 Retired Moderator

    Looks like it was in fact ScoreboardStats that was causing SQLite memory errors.
    Touch wood, but not had a single crash of either plugin since removal. Just a shame since it was quite useful for players to see their stats.
    However uptime is the most important factor, just means they'll have to type /balance etc :p