SRV and Dedicated IP

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  1. Hey guys i have here a question:

    What is the difference between a SRV record and a dedicated IP?
  2. SRV record is a DNS record while a dedicated IP is where you're given an IP address for you only. For example with Minecraft servers that are on a shared host, typically won't have 25565 as their port. By getting a dedicated IP means that people can connect to the server without a port. A dedicated IP can only be numbers, while an SRV record can letters or numbers.
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  3. It might be worth while adding that some ISP's will not resolve SRV records.
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  4. Most typically do, but using the 'hacky' method of SRV -> A -> Server, fails quite a bit. As SRV records can only use letters for what they're pointing to means you have to create an A record.
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  5. Agreed; the whole subject around SRV record's and their reliability is a touchy subject so it's best to avoid them.
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    CloudFlares SRV has always been very effective when I used it in the past, others have not.