SRV Record domain only shows up after a few refeshes

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  1. I have an SRV record for my minecraft server that I have used the last 2 years, There is a weird bug that the server will not show as soon as the server list is loaded, and sometimes clicking on the server displays unknown host. If you refresh the server list a few times the server appears, sometimes it just displays!
    My server is hosted with Fluctis hosting which resells from OVH, servers located in France.
    My DNS is run though cloudflare.

    My Server IP is
  2. I have the same thing. OVH and Cloudflare too
  3. I think it's a cloud flare problem.
    As cloud flare tries to verify the packet/player before it connects to you. Which ends up to not display until a few refreshes.

    Maybe cloud flare has an option to disable ddos protection to that specific record.
    Also, bungee cord acts as a ddos protection as it Checks the packet if it's minecraft then let's it through.
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    I think this would be an issue with your own computer not being able to resolve fast enough

    minecraft does not work with cloudflare ddos protection at all, that is only for websites
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  5. Though very possible, I'm still convinced it's cloud flare.
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    unless you actually use cloudflare as your own dns resolver it would have nothing to do with it at all
  7. Cloud flare DDOS Prot checking your packet before letting you through?
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  9. Whats odd is this only happens with SRV records with clodflare, I have another server on a VPS that uses the default minecraft port so it does not need a SRV record, that shows up instantly, this is also on another host though, that ones with DigitalOcean, So that does not help me if its a hosting or DNS issue. The SRV records are correct, I have had them verified by cloudflare support.
  10. This is rather Minecraft client bug than any DNS provider's or hosting company's fault.
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  11. Why not run a proxy
    and have no srv records just an A record to go to the ip.
    And if you go to
    it brings you to the mc server
    if you go to it brings you to creative.
    This can happen via 'Forced hosts' option in bungeecord config.
    Need help? PM Me.
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  12. This sounds like a future plan to upgrade anyway, is this running a bungee server? I haven't done that before. My main survival is on a shared host at present so it's restricted.
  13. Oh..
    You got a vps or something?
    They will run proxy fine, justmake it
    Proxy > Creative
    Proxy > Survival

    And then, they can go on creative and do /server survival
    IF THEY Want, or you disable it.

    Just an idea :p
  14. Yeah, I have a small vps that runs a creative/games world, im not sure it could handle running another server for the hub! And I have another room tiny vps for running a MySQL server, I don't think that's capable of running mc server, then my survival is on the shared host, the survival is my main server the games is under development.
  15. A bungeecord server is a proxy.
    Think of it as like a redirection portal.
    All it really does it redirects them.
    It only uses around 256 mb for like a few hundred.

    I recommend 256mb for like 250 people, and 0.5 for every other slot.
  16. Can it be setup to have the hub world on one of the proxy servers? So I could run this setup with just my games vps and survival shared? This sounds like something I could test before pushing live. Im still wanting a solution for the initial issue with the srv though, this is a work around.
  17. You cannot join a proxy.
    What you could do is a proxy on a vps.
    And have a small 512mb hub that default server is set to.

    Default & Fallback is 'hub'
    I would do, and disable nether and the end, use MINIMAL plugins.
  18. Could I not just have default and fallback to the survival server? Then I can have a separate world on that with custom permissions for the hub, I don't want a true hub, just a gate for players to move from the survival to the games server.
  19. Yes. The default & fallback can be two seperate servers.
    I would fallback to hub
    And default to the survival.
    That case they can do /hub and go to sg or whatever.

    And if survival goes down it doesn't break your players.
    As if the server goes down and fallback is down. Your screwed. It doesn't find a online server it just kicks the players.
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  20. Do you just use this advice for every general question. This doesn't help at all and doesn't relate to the question at all.