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    I'd personally recommend looking at CloudFlare and setting up your domain with them, then you can manage the DNS through their system -- CloudFlare's SRV works flawlessly, better than others I've used in the past.
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  3. Mike, but i already have an domain in weebly, it would be easier for me.
  4. Is the port not ment to be the target port? So 10 5 25564 should be 10 5 25565

    Also, SRV recordstake sometime to apply (upto 48 hours) so if it isn't working instantly that doesn't mean you have done if wrong.
  5. But I want the players are directed to port 25564, as the play.(My domain) already redirects to 25565.
    I think the time to upgrade, is 1 hour.
  6. Yeah sorry. Your right. The update time however can take upto 48 hours. And yeah as MikeA says, CloudFlare will make this process much easier.
  7. any can help ? without i use cloudfire
  8. [​IMG]

    The syntax for the name is '_minecraft._tcp.subdomain.domain.tld'. The value requires a priority, weight, port and hostname. The picture above would result in people connecting to being connected to

    It seems that all you need to do is change your record name to ''.
  9. Do you want that some players are forwarded to 25565 and some 25564? Randomly?
  10. When i put like you say, show this message:

    Service or Protocol was not provided

    Same error to

    Yes !!!
  11. Why would you want that? Are you running multiple Bungeecord instances?
  12. Yes
  13. I do not have alot of knowledge about this, but google round robin dns, this is what you need.
  14. But round robin is for multi bungee on other machines. I need Srv records because all bungees are on same machine.
  15. Are you sure it is then reasonable to use multiple Bungeecord instances? Doens't round robin dns work over srv? If so, you could just enter multiple srv records.
  16. Why would this have anything to do with round robin? Please research what you're suggesting :)
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  17. @Komp
    Do you have any idea what can I do?
    It seems that is not possible I put '' he only accepts Service and Protocol.

    I can only put '_minecraft.tcp'
  18. The service would be "minecraft" and the protocol would be "tcp".