SSD's for servers, worth it?

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  1. Hi guys, i need some advice.
    I currently have a Dedi at SYS (
    E3-SSD-3) the server is located at france, im considering moving to a Canadian one because the majority of my server player-base is from the US, so a better ping would keep them happy, and i guess its fair.

    The problem is i only see normal HD's for the Canada location

    Does it make much of a difference if its an SSD or not?
    I own a 5 Server hub, the servers and TS3 are the only things i run on the machine.
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  2. SSDs are not worth sacrificing storage in my opinion, servers ran just fine without them.

    I guess SSDs are a plus, but you shouldn't buy a server solely because it has an SSD.
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  3. IF you have lots of players and IF they are spread out loading and unloading a lot of chunks and IF you have Disk I/O bottlenecks already (iotop to monitor) , they'd be worth it.

    Otherwise the HDDs in SyS machines are fine:
    Code (Text):
    $ sudo hdparm -t /dev/md3

    Timing buffered disk reads: 400 MB in  3.14 seconds = 127.43 MB/sec
    Note: this machine runs 7+ Spigot instances, bungee, MySQL (with more than just Minecraft servers connecting to it), 3 different websites, TS3, Jenkins, and some other things...

    P.S. You do not have a VPS from SyS, they don't sell them. You have a dedicated server.
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  4. Yes, i misspelled it. If you have all that and no complaints, it should be fine for me as i just use the servers, mysql and ts3.
    I have about 50 average players daily, and a max of about 150. I guess i'll grab one of those Canada dedis from sys as soon as i catch one available.

    One more question, is it possible to backup my whole system data and transfer it to the new dedi? Like a backup transfer thing?
  5. From experience, you will need SSD's only if you a raping(reading excessively) files for data. This is why shared host usually use SSDs.
  6. I thought sys only have available locations in France right now. Can you link me some deals in sys that are located in North America ?
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  9. cpu has more power but the essentials ones idk
  10. Marketing?

    Looks like the "essentials" category is just ALL their offered servers, CPU+ is all their E3 servers (what you want), RAM+ are the E5s/W-series with a ton of RAM (you don't want those CPUs...), and DISK+ are i3s/i5s with huge drives.
  11. easyusual


    I have a mixture for my servers, and I fail to notice a significant difference.

    For the storage space you actually have, I don't see it being worth it. Just ensure that you pregenerate your worlds, as it takes a nice load off the server.
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  12. like when you have dynmap and just run like 3 days before your server is opening then has dynmap enough time and load to render and lower the server load
  13. Eh dynmap is nothing compared to the actual world generation (which is what he meant). You can pregenerate the world with a plugin like WorldBorder.
  14. World border has a command to fill all chunks who havent yet been generated, it does it async, takes some time but its worth it, thats how i do it at least.
  15. SSD's are never required. You can always tune your disk cache to be more aggressive.
    lmao, the linux cache isn't that stupid. Frequently accessed files are cached to memory :)
  16. How do i do that? (just in case... cause im a linux noob)
    This is a really nice post that explains what each command does.
    Do not run any of these unless you know exactly what they do and if you need them or not.

    You'd really only want to set a few sysctl options, but again, don't fiddle with it unless you know exactly what you are doing.
  18. Never knew that, however when I use to be a host back in the day I saw a significant difference in performance when I upgraded the machines to SSD drives. When files change, the cache needs to be updated so...
  19. The cache changes - the disk needs to be updated ;)
    You know how a cache works right?
  20. SSD would give you a boost when you have any disk operations. If you are considering rent a server, however, SSD may cost much more than normal HDDs. So it is good to buy your own machine and find a suitable colocation service, if you want a powerful server.

    In our server we have 4x Plextor M6S 256GB RAID10, and the speed is:

    Code (Text):
    $ sudo hdparm -t /dev/md0
    Timing buffered disk reads: 3208 MB in  3.00 seconds = 1069.10 MB/sec
    At this time my spigot server is running with ~10 players online.