SSD's for servers, worth it?

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by d1One, May 7, 2015.

  1. I do think SSDs make a world of difference, with the right setup.
  2. I'm also buying a dedicated server from sys so should I get an hdd or ssd.
    For example let's say I want to have 300 players on hdd or ssd? Will there be a huge difference?
  3. Well... I made the change and what i can say is:
    I doesn't make much diference for players, on the back end of course the machine boots faster, things like dealing with big zip operation, moving files and such is also a lot faster, backups etc....

    The only thing it seems to affect the gaming experience is generating new world chunks, HDs are a bit slower but not really that significant.
  4. SSD will kill over an X amount of writes
  5. konsolas


    As will spinning disks after X amounts of everything and your keyboard after X amount of presses. Invalid point.

    Also, datacenter grade SSDs are not likely to break anytime soon. Also, you're hardly going to lose any data with 3 SSDs in RAID 1. Minecraft servers also don't typically need all the space a hard drive has to offer.
  6. Well.. Technically a spinning disk has a longer life, but, i never had a SSD that for some reason stopped working and with normal HDs i had a lot of issues over the years..
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    I didn't say spinning disks didn't have a longer life. I said that the storage capacities and disk life don't affect you, if you've got 3 in RAID 1, like the OP.
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  8. I think that SSD's for servers are point less. Don't pay that much extra for a SSD
  9. Yeah, not really. In your own system, you might kill an SSD. However, with datacenter grades SSD, you'll probably stop paying for the server before you kill the SSD.
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  10. mostly they will transfer the data and put the new one in
  11. SSD's are the new standard for most hosts, so you shouldn't be paying more unless you're using
  12. I agree to GGhost that its pretty much the new standard. I would have to assume it helps mainly with the selling point if anything.
    As for how long the hard drive lasts, who cares! You wont be paying for that replacement anyways, and id assume if they are a half decent datacenter they will replace it long before it even starts to fail.

    Well that would have been nice to know 2 years ago... Thanks! XD
  13. SSD is worth it
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  14. I bought one recently and it was a nightmare getting one in stock. I followed their twitter page, it told me when something was in stock.

    It took me 5 days+ of constantly checking my phone as they get bought out within 2 minutes of getting in stock.
  15. SSD should be considered a luxury, you don't really need it and shouldn't seek getting a server just for it. Unless, it's not a luxury and a need i.e. drudging through lots of read/write for HDDs, etc.