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Are you agree???

  1. Yes, it will be cool

  2. No, Skrupt iz bahd

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  1. What is SSS???
    is team that would be responsible for Skript resources because Skript has grown to the biggest Minecraft programming sub-language.
    All that team will must to do:
    •Skripts control
    •Skripts leak control
    •Skripts posting rules control
    •Premium Skripts posting control

    Who will be SSS members???
    I'm going to be a Leader(I'm Helper at biggest Skript forum - and i have an experience) and invite it's stuff members to join.
    Also there's can be Forum category for Skript with 2-3 sub-categories.
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  2. MiniDigger


    if you come from skunity why not stay there?
    we are mostly java devs here and over there you have a large skript community. why mix em?
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  3. JamesJ


    Go back to SkUnity pl0x.

    If you're going to make a suggestion for a new staff sub-team, don't put yourself as Leader. That's just a scummy thing to do.
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  4. Because Spigot is full of skripts and it really need more control.

    Whoa, really??? Why not??? If i have enthusiasm - why not to be a Header???
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  5. JamesJ


    Then ship all the Skripts off the SkUnity. Where you can control it yourself.
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  6. I agree. People post paid plugins and alot dont say if its a script if they post a script.
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  7. This thread makes me laugh, a lot. You're effectively barging into out community and saying you are now on the staff team.

    I don't really think I even need to take the time to explain how many issues this has; all I can say is this doesn't stand a chance of even being considered.
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  8. The only control they need is to not be posted here tbh
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. Or you know... Just ban posting skripts in the resource page...
    In my option skripts have no real use, it only should be used if you are a server owner and wants a feature without paying developers as in simple startup scripts or whatever. The skript is problematic because some people went as far as starting to charge for them which is insane, if you can't bother yourself learning one of the easier languages out there, then don't bother making cash from it
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  11. edited version with caps removed below, original is in athena's quote

    i have a better idea
    how about remove the skripts section and just put a link to skunity forums
    report people posting skripts here still
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  12. Gawd what is this???? Are you ok? This is just some dumbass thread ;-; So guys we need to make sure nobody steals our Shits, I mean Skripts :)
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  13. Okay, not trying to be rude, but..

    You're like the most quality poster on spigot I've ever seen. All caps was 100% nessecary

    And that post you made the other day with just :cool:, wow I'm astonished 10/10

  14. lol

    All I'm saying is, a skript team on Spigot? Stupid idea. Just redirect them to skU, done.

    Legit all the ideas we could need.

    EDIT: Eh, I'll just remove the caps
  15. Well tbh I don't really think Spigot needs more to deal with right now. There's still bugs with spigot, Mojang's unexpected updates, hiring new moderators, and last, the piracy, if you've seen the "if your a resource dev read this" thread. They've done nothing about the piracy, and nor will they for awhile, if not ever. See where I'm going?
  16. Yeah, that's why I'm saying, just redirect skripts to skUnity...

    maybe check if the file uploaded is .sk, and if so, don't allow the upload..
    the only issue then would be .zips and that sk2Jar thing.
  17. You wouldn't need to worry. They would most likely never do this, but if you deleted the Skript resource option people simply just wouldn't post Skript, and if they tried to you could just use the report button. Done.
  18. [​IMG]

    This should be our poster to promote our anti-skript movement lol.
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  19. As an actual stuff staff member of SkUnity, I am going to officially say this is a bad idea.
    1. Why would you propose a team on a Minecraft plugin website that already despises Skript?
    2. Spigot is full of Skripts. Correct. But the majority of those are five liners that anyone can create. Spigot also created a Skript category so "they can filter them out".
    3. Leader? No comment.
    He can't control it, we don't let him.
    I beg to differ. I used to work on a network that was probably more than 95% written in Skript. While I don't want to debate about Java vs. Skript, I will say that Skript does have a real use.

    Maybe, Spigot should bring on a resource moderator just for Skript uploads. That moderator would be able to filter out crap uploads (just like they should be doing already with crap Java uploads).
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  20. Are you sexist, homophobic and racist? Cause that's also what that poster promotes. Just sayin'.
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