Spigot sTablist × Tablist, Title and more 3.0.0-pre5 (1.8 - 1.12.2)

A simple Tablist, Title, Actionbar & Tablist Prefix + Suffix Plugin

  1. I have the same problem. The scoreboard stays there and the text doesn't change when I edit the config files. It stays there even after I delete the plugin.
  2. Every time I do /rl or /reload it kicks everybody like shutting down the server.
    I have this error...

    Currently running PaperSpigot1.8.8
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  3. Why my scoreboard is disappears and appears ??
  4. when I try to enter with 1.7.10:
    Internal Exception: io.netty.handler.codec.DecoderException: java.IOException: Bad packet id 71
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  5. How to remove user prefix, if it was set with /stablist setprefix username ...?
    If i delete it in player.yml file, it comes back.

    And why prefixes(Set in groups.yml file) won't show up. I don't have another tablist "editor" plugin in my server.
  6. 1) I don't know

    2) Have you Vault installed?
  7. 1) You don't know? You are plugin owner and don't know, oh god. Add some command smt like /stablist removePrefix username and /stablist removeSuffix username

    2) Yes, newest version.
  8. 1) I'm don't updating this plugin since a month.

    2) Which Spigot version are you running?
  9. 1) kk ._.

    2) 1.10.2
  10. I think I look at this issue in round 2 hours
    #111 Jul1an_K, Nov 18, 2016
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2016
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  11. Please add a function to disable the tab header and the text under the player list, because I already have a plugin for this
  12. Good Request. Update comes in round 10 minutes.
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  13. Can i put this plugin in the plugins Folder from Bungeecord?
  14. Yes.