Spigot @Stacker ❤ (ThatServerNameIShouldn'tBeMentioningForObviousReasons Style) added Config !! 4.0v

Stacker Like ThatServerNameIShouldn'tBeMentioningForObviousReasons

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    @Stacker ❤ (Mineplex Style) - Stacker Like Mineplex !!!

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    @Stacker ❤ (Mieplex Style)

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  3. Will try out this!
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  4. Simple and Cool :)
  5. minecraft7net


    reviews :

    For starters it is not compatible with 1.8 also you can not customize the messages also add a config with a stack limit! also add permissions!!!

    haha - so colegue you could give him 1 star becouse it doesnt probabably comatibale with Amiga, Commodore, Caludrok, KCaludron, SpongePowered, Spout, Bukkit 1.5.x, and 1.6.

    i think you sould rewiew existing product and give suggestions and features request - thereis no standard - that any plugin must have x y z
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  6. Can you add an Max player that can stack
  7. Looking for Members for FrozenDev Team
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  8. I recommend you to add a "spoiler option" to put sounds, or give the link of the JavaDocs, can be found here.
  9. Need permissions to disabled in another world!