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    Stacker - English Version - Stacker, like Mineplex (?)

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  2. Would you mind renaming your plugin or something? It may cause confusing if you use my plugin name
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  3. Cool plugin, thanks.
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  4. Spigot Protocolhack no va..
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    Stacker - English Version - SNOWMAN!!!

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  6. Love this plugin, works really well. However, I have 2 feature requests.
    1. Please make a messages.yml config, I'd like to use my custom messages, colors, and prefix.
    2. Please make the mobs or whatever go a bit up off of the head (is possible) so the player can see where they are going, because the mobs like to get in the way. :p
  7. Thank you for making this plugin. Ive been looking for one! Can you please update it so npcs are not stackable!
    When players join stacker should be false by default unless toggled.
  8. Fahrenheit451


    This is not in English. Lost in translation I guess...