Bukkit StackMob v2.2.7

An efficient plugin that enhances server performance by 'stacking' entities.

  1. java.lang.NullPointerException [10:29:21 WARN]: [StackMob] Task #2 for StackMob v2.0.11 generated an exception java.lang.NullPointerException [10:29:21 WARN]: [StackMob] Task #2 for StackMob v2.0.11 generated an exception
    keep spamming when updated to lastest version
  2. Restarting the server fixes this.
  3. does it work with a new entity in the same area?
  4. I am sorry but I don't understand what you meant by "new entity" since your plugin will clump them anyways.
  5. Can you add support for Jobs Reborn? Because its making spawner spawned stacked mobs giving income, i disabled that feature for spawner not giving income but stacked mobs from spawner causing them to give money.
  6. Can i turn off mob stacking from a region ?
  7. It should be the other way around.
    Jobs Reborn -> add support StackMob
  8. Hi, the mob and animals that already exist do not stack, if i spawn them they stack, for animals if i breed them the babies stack
  9. I suggest you all not the use this plugin, i get many error on the main thread, it will cause much lags.
  10. Okay so I got sorta of mixed result. When I did "disable" it, it made little/no different in performance. I am assuming because of the reworked numbers I had to do. Once I bring them back down to Bukkit defaults I am sure it will be "as" if I were using it.

    I am thinking mixed in what you said as well as the stacking processes... This plugin will be "neutral" at best instead of reverting any noticeable lag.

    Personally I am going to axe it too, as it barely provides me any values and only make my players slightly annoyed with it too. So out it goes.
  11. I have 200 players and i can tell it it cause much lags because of working on main thread.
  12. Eww... Every plugin should be able to be on their own thread if they are doing such processing for that exact reason.
  13. no, they really shouldn't.
  14. Often times the main thread is the bottle neck of the operation of server. Especially once it scale up to 100+ players. Once that thread is "full" there not much you can do to offload it's core operations.

    That why major plugins will offload to threads off of the main thread so this is less likely to occurs.
  15. Killing mobs with lava, leaves the holographic displays, just tried restarting but they are still there, can you fix this? And give me a temporary fix? Thanks [​IMG]

  16. Every time I reboot the base where the mobs stacks are disappeared or deleted and every time I reboot the users see that they have x mobs stacked but it kills one and they all die because they are bugea.
    It's been a long time and I do not know what else to do.

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