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  1. Hello, I am looking for a plugin that will call Staff and the staff can answer the message yes or no. Anyone have any suggestions that were already made? Thanks! Must be BungeeCord supported.
  2. Can you explain in a little more detail? Do you mean something like /helpop that essentials provides where it will notify a staff member?
  3. Yes, but bungeecord supported. Then it'll go through all your servers and it will notify the staff with a special perm and the staff can go or not.
  4. @v_M_v Well that is old.
    If you are still coding and didn't leave that and got time go for this>
    Premium plugin:
    GUI with a list of staff heads
    You can see if they are online.
    Which server/gamemode they are in (Bungee)
    Ability to click on them and it will open the chat and write /callf <staff name> <reason>
    The staff members will be able to see the call and he may just ignore it or write a feedback that he is comming for e.g. /callf accept Comming.

    Something more usable for huge servers (More recommended than the first one)
    Main command can be
    /callstaff <Reason>
    One of the staff members gonna claim the request and inform the others. For e.g. (<name> claimed the last help request)
    *No need to inform the players if there is someone coming or not, just (your help request have been sent)
    [messages are customisable]

    So ye.. looking for something like that and no one made that before. Even premium.
  5. This thread is nearly 2 years old
  6. The thread not the idea.
    Anyways im going to post new one.