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  1. so whenever i join a game as staff it will say in the chat "staff+ ixfit" and when i leave its "staff- ixfit"
    does anyone know where to remove these 2 messages?
    EDIT: i am using staff+ plugin
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  2. Do you suspect any of your plugins to cause this?
  3. Plugin list? It's definitely a plugin that's doing it. Just don't know which one.
  4. Do you have this plugin called Staff+ installed?
  5. oh i am so sorry, i forgot to add that the plugin "staff+" is doing it, i just cant find the option to disable it anywhere
  6. Search in the plugin's config for disabling this but maybe the message is only shown for OP people. Look at the plugin's page for more information
  7. yes sorry i forgot to mention that
    its not only shown for op people, on my alt is the default rank and he can see it too, i removed all his perms to test
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  8. Yeah I was about to say that so