Spigot Staff Monitor - Log your staff 1.4

Provide logs about every critical action your staff makes

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    Staff Monitor - Provide logs about every critical action your staff makes

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  2. Is there a config for this plugin?
  3. Yes! You can disable any one of the events being recorded. I'm going to add this info to the thread
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  4. I LOVE THIS PLUGIN. Is there a way you can have MySQL data or something so it doesn't fill our servers data. I may want it to monitor all my players.
  5. I can do that, but I won't be able to test it here (I currently don't own a server). But what should I store on MySQL? I don't think it would make a lot of difference. Do you think each player should have their own table with Strings?
  6. Hi, its working wonderfully!
    Could you do it so staff log is separated in day? instead of one big file, i think that would be alot more convenience

    P/s could you log staff chat as well?
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  7. Hi so my plugin has an login system with means it logs the password of my helpers is it possible to hide that somehow?
  8. Man this plugin seems so useful i wish it was updated