Spigot Staff Requisites 1.2

Implementation of staff tools with high customization.

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    Staff Requisites - Implementation of staff tools with high customization.

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  3. Really good idea, I like it
  4. @Chibe.Meliodas Hey, so for the vanish system, any other requests for it before I put it together?

    So essentially, when someone with the right permissions join, it will auto vanish them (will be an option in the config). In vanish, only other peeps with the same perm node will see you. Leaving when you are in vanish hides your quit messages, but it won't unless you aren't in the vanish mode. They'll be exempt from the tab and what not with the hide method.

    Does something like that sound good?
  5. YES!!! very good!!!!
    another ideia

    how about adding a command AGAINST hackers ... you put /jail (nick) or /cage (nick)
    and this causes the player to climb up 10 blocks upwards, on top of a little bedrock house, and making it impossible for him to use commands, if he leaves the server he will continue without permission to use commands and move, and will return to the base .... if it doesn't hack, add /unjail or /unprison