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    I'm looking for some advice and opinions on developing a good staff system and managing it across multiple servers, in our case a bungeecord server.

    I run three servers, a factions, survival and a creative server. Two of which have a staff system set up, but the creative server does not, because I assumed it wouldn't need any since it's just a plot world. The issue is, I have staff on two servers, but they are the same people. I honestly think that's a bad idea, because they don't dedicate enough time on the other server. I'm aware of having staff of a mature age and all that, but should I have the same few people I can trust as staff on both servers, or should I seek for different staff on each server. Also, do creative servers need staff or some kind of support system. And of course how many staff do you recommend per server, what should the ratio of staff per player be.

    I haven't really noticed the staff systems on other server networks, I'm hoping maybe some of you could let us know what the ideal staff system should be like.

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  2. Have your top 5ish staff like supervisors, co-owners and admins on both and then lower staff per server.
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    Hm, that seams ideal.

    There's still an issue with that, but I can't seem to word it.

    Thanks anyway.
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    It might also be a good idea to have some sort of cross-server help channel, where players could request help from your staff across servers.
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    Hire staff who only talk to you verbally. That way you know they are really going to help you and the server. then make then cross server staff while giving them jobs.