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    Staff+ | The Ultimate Moderation Plugin - Staff Mode | Warnings | Reports | Alerts | More!

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  2. I cannot get out of warning when I click on a player to warn. Please fix
  3. I'm having issues with players trying to /report others. I'm currently running it on a test server, but an account without staff permissions is unable to do /report
  4. Uhmm /lockdown is not working and also when you enter staff mode "Random TP" not working (I tested with 3 players online) !
  5. And also can you add when you enter Staff mode to put you in gamemode "creative" ?!
  6. Found a bug, when you view someone's inventory and you click warn (the paper item), after warning the player you can't write in normal chat anymore
  7. Hey! Awesome plugin, but wanted to ask if there will be a way to change the chat colors in a later update?
    I decompiled the plugin, and I found the package they were in. Simple config nodes would do:)

    Just a suggestion.

    thanks ;)
  8. This is great. But would love to see more options added with perms for each option.

    • Mute/Unmute Players
    • Ban players
    • kick players
    • kick all players
    • enable maintenance mode
    • clear chat
    • broadcast message
    • jail players
  9. Random TP does not work for me.
    Also, can add it so I can disable the abillity of OP's frozing OP's in the config?
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  10. @xGardiac_ @ILIKETURTTLES12 @Dario85 @yhonatan555 @Lvmby Thank you for all of the suggestions! I don't find much time to get around to adding new things to this plugin, except for small bug fixes since they only take around five minutes to do. However, I will make sure to add these to the todo list so I can push out these updates in the future. :p
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  11. hello, im testing this plugin in 1.7.10 and works well however theres a small bug when the staff goes into staff mode they are able to drop the items in their hotbar and players can pick them up, is there a way to disable so staff in staff mode can not drop items in their hotbar?
  12. Do you remember me shortninja?