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  1. i didnt double post since the time frame is from the morning and one was at night
    and i didnt use reload or plugman to load in the plugin this was caused when i started the server
    also i couldnt see anyone with the staff.* perm
  2. i didn't reply to your post, so there was no way i saw it (i clearly reply to all of these posts). it would have been cleaner to just edit it. just learn from your mistakes and move on

    what is your server version? make sure you only have one staff+ plugin on your server
  3. im using tacospigot 1.8 latest which is a fork of spigot and i only have one staff+ which is the latest version
  4. i'm not sure if this is supported by inventivetalent's libraries and thus i really can't give you any support for it
  5. oh alright everything works just that one error i get :)
  6. i'll be sure to look into it if i can. might be an error that only you receive :/
  7. I am getting this error :/ please fix!:

    #227 Mangofruitie, Aug 13, 2016
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2016
  8. it's an issue with the "domains" section of your blacklist. i'll fix it in the next patch, but you can temporarily fix it by adding at least one domain to block or just disabling your blacklist

    also, please put your code block in a code or spoiler tag in the future. pasting your code directly spams the thread. please edit your post accordingly if you can!
  9. How do you make it where you can make it where you can not make other people /staff and vanish unless you are opped.
  10. add the perm -staff.*
  11. To where?
  12. your permission file ...
  13. And at times when vanished, you can see the vanished person with whatever item they are holding. 1.10.
  14. thats just what happens in vanish same on 1.7 and 1.8
  15. When will it be fixed?
  16. how am i supposed to know lol i'm not the author of this plugin
  17. i just started school and i'm busy working on paid projects. be patient please
  18. Please add a permission that allows people with it to toggle other peoples staff mode.
  19. staff.*