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  1. I need to stop people with staff.* from toggling other peoples staff mode. So to do this I would need to negate a permission that allows toggling of other people.
  2. i need help i cant change join shortninja ts thing, i cant even find it in the config help"?
  3. then don't give them the wildcard permission

    look in the lang folder of the StaffPlus folder. edit whichever lang file you are using (default is lang_en.yml).
  4. The permission you give to people to allow them to toggle there own staff mode lets them toggle other people to. I need it so that they can only toggle themselves.
  5. the staff.* purposefully does not work like a normal wildcard that pex uses, so you can't do permission "subtracting". i do this because pex and other permissions plugins do some hacky stuff to make wildcards work (which can break a lot of things).

    i will add a permission that allows for enabling/disabling staff mode and etc. if you really need it, but "subtraction" would NOT work. let me know if you would like any other change made to make it work for you!
  6. When are you going to fix the bugs with the vanish?
  7. there's no "bugs" with vanish. there's nothing to fix about the items in hand and if there was i don't have any time due to school. there's a reason why this plugin is open source
  8. Hello! I use your plugin + STAFF on my server, I set the permissions to the moderator, and when I use the command of the Rantom TP on a moderator, its my server crash...
  9. pm me the error in your console
  10. staff.alerts.xray staff.alerts.mention and staff.alerts.namechange i have all of those perms but when i do /alerts xray it doesnt enable or disable can you fix this please thanks
  11. those are permissions for enabling and disabling. the permission itself does not enable/disable it.
  12. What's the permission to disable and enable them on the /alerts menu
  13. The plugins don't work on my server..
    There have never log error .. But the plugins prevents the players to reach the server with a "delay expired"
    I have the last version of the plugins and spigot 1.8.8
    EDIT 1
    (WORK with /plugman enable Staf.. And I will try with 3.0.7 version of staff+)
    EDIT 2
    Don't work with the version 3.0.7
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  14. I PV you
  15. what are the permissions?
  16. Permission are in config.yml
  17. Do you know of you are going to add a staff scoreboard and would it have a API?
  18. a scoreboard feature has been planned since day one, but i haven't gotten to adding it yet

  20. stop using plugman, it just breaks plugins.
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