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  1. Legoman99573


    PM @Qball
  2. Make the translation then send it to me and Ill add it to my fork as @Shortninja is no longer with us
  3. Tickets seem to close as soon as players disconnect, is there a way to make them stay there until they are managed?
  4. They should so I'll look into this
  5. Is there a permission i can give my staff that gives them the ability to go in staff mode
  6. Look in the config about 3/4s of the way down for the permissions section I don't know the default permission for that off the top of my head if I bad to guess it would be staff.staffmode or staff.mode or something of that nature but don't quote me on that so double check the config. Also this version is unmaintained I have a maintained fork on my profile
  7. Just in case you didn't know this fork is abandoned on account that shortninja is no longer with us
  8. Know if there's anyway to figure out what is using minecraft's glows function? It's conflicting with another plugin.
  9. The resource was not paid?
  10. No as far as I know as long as it's been on this site it's been free, but, this one is no longer continued as the author is no longer with us I have a maintained fork.
  11. im having issues with the gui that you open for reports and such. its not working for me xD

    the skull item when i click the open unresolved reports and such gives a nice sized stack trace and doesnt open it as a result. :D
  12. This one is unmaintained note the 1.11 is the title. For a maintained one click on my profile and go to my resources. I have a maintained version of this very plugin
  13. Does this plugin have bungeecord support???? For Staff Chat through all servers in bungeecord?
  14. Legoman99573


  15. i just notice that the cps item don't really work i use an autoclik who click at 25 cps and it's say i am clicking at 12 cps
  16. does it works on paper spigot 1.8.8?
  17. Well did you read the main page it says what versions are supported